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George Washington University Nurse Practitioner Program, gwu2021

Welcome to The George Washington University Nurse Practitioner custom page on!

Below you will find required and optional medical equipment for your program.  You need your required equipment and lab coat by June 7th for classes.  Orders placed by April 9th will be processed and shipped to you by June 7th.  Due to your customized lab coats we need your orders by April 9th to ensure this timeline. 

***Orders containing a lab coat will not arrive earlier than June 7th***

For FREE shipping on orders over $200, enter coupon code “gwunp” during checkout.  Your order will ship via FedEx Home/Ground delivery and we will guarantee shipment to you by June 7th. You must order by April 9th to ensure your lab coat and equipment orders will have enough time to be processed and delivered in time for your classes.

Please only enter the name you would like embroidered on your lab coat.  The Medical Store will input the credentials portion for you.  Please contact us at any time with any questions, thank you!

**Students in the Psych/Mental health and Midwife programs do not need embroidered lab coats. Please DO NOT enter name for embroidery when selecting your lab coat**

**Lab Coat Sizing Chart Below**

See important information below:

Requirements and Order Info

PDF Order Form

Lab Coat Sizing Chart

Diagnostic Set Comparison 

Scroll down to select your products and checkout.  **Stethoscopes w/ engraving and Lab Coats w/ embroidery cannot be returned or exchanged**

**All lab coats orders received after the 4/9 deadline will have to be embroidered individually, resulting in a $10 minimum order charge.  Lab coats received after 4/9 will take 4-5weeks to ship.  DO NOT CHOOSE AN EXPEDITED SHIPPING METHOD, CHOOSE FEDEX HOME/GROUND**

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