Neurological Exam Instrument, 701

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The Neuro 7 is a state-of-the-art neurological instrument made for today’s discerning practitioner. The Neuro 7 is a light-weight, compact tool that incorporates a reflex hammer, light-touch brush, sharp-dull tool, wartenberg wheel, variable two-point discriminator, plantar stimulation tool, and light source for pupillary reflex into one revolutionary, hand-held device.With all instruments retracted, the body of the Neuro 7 is the reflex hammer; and can clip comfortably into one’s shirt pocket. No need to pack around separate instruments anymore! No brush or pin to lose. Everything is self-contained in the Neuro 7.In addition to the standard, common neurological tools, the Neuro 7 contains a newly designed instrument, the variable two-point discriminator. This innovative instrument allows one to adjust precisely the distance between the tines from 2mm to 20mm simply by moving the variable actuator.With the Neuro 7, a medical practitioner can perform a general neurological exam in a few minutes; documenting your exam using these tools correlates directly with reimbursement. There is no need to look for metric rulers and paper clips (with which to make a two-point discriminator) or to carry individual reflex hammers and penlights or exposed, sharp pinwheels. With all tools retracted within the Neuro 7, you have what you need safely and conveniently clipped in your pocke

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